Welcome Message


Welcome to Albury Wodonga Panthers Cycling Club (AWPCC).

Thanks for joining or renewing your membership with our club.

Being a member of a cycling club is great for local cycling, and want it to be great for you as well.

Unlike team sports, it can sometimes be hard to see what cycling ‘membership’ means. That’s why we have prepared this letter.

In general terms, all members are part of Cycling Australia, with all the benefits that come from your particular category of membership. Cycling Australia has an important Code of Conduct that applies to us all. You can check it out here.

AWPCC has chosen to affiliate also with Good Sports (goodsports.com.au). We are an accredited Level Three club, as we seek to enable healthy, fair and enjoyable competition.

There are two particular values we would like to underline.

Firstly, AWPCC is a club that depends on a spirit of participation and volunteering.

There are some jobs that are easy to see – like being club president (that’s Charly McMillan). There are many that are less obvious – like being on the Race Committee. But all jobs are important, and we need every member to help out.

All skills can help us: marshalling races, planning races, learning how to be an official, running social events, doing administration with the committee, social media, etc.

Secondly, AWPCC values encouragement of all club members.

We have no patience with sledging or abuse. Instead, we want everyone to receive help to be better: as juniors, as professional riders, as officials. It is not only possible to race hard with complete respect, it’s also the best kind of racing.

Thanks again for being a member of AWPCC. If you would like to find out more, there are lots of ways to get in touch or follow the club news.

Chris Little

(Secretary, on behalf of AWPCC General Committee)