Marshalling a club race is pretty easy. Below is a basic run down of what's required to do on the day. There’s also will be a more experience club members there on the day to help if below is not clear.

What to bring

  • Car, preferably with bike rake to pick anyone with mechanical.
  • Track pump to help people quickly pump up there tires.
  • Hat, sun cream, raincoat, drink bottle. 

Before the race.

  • Arrive at least half hour before the start time.
  • Collect hi-vis vest, warning signs and a red & flag.
  • Marshal that’s travelling to end of course to take first aid kit.
  • Check licences and give each a race number to each competitor.
  • Make sure each competitor signs the sign-on sheet.
  • For newbies, three race licence available to buy and are in the kit race.

During the race.

  • Wear the hi-vis vest.
  • Drive to marshalling position. Place warning sign along race route as directed.
  • Place cone on the turn-around road marking if you’re located at the turn around.
  • When riders are approaching the marshals, a green flag to be shown if it is safe for the riders to proceed and a red flag if it is not safe for them to proceed. MARSHALS DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO STOP TRAFFIC, only give warming.
  • After the race has past collect signs.
  • One marshal to return to finish line to judge. Feel free to use any electronic devices to help judge the final places.
  • One marshal to bring up the rear of the race. Making sure no one is left on course with mechanical or medical issue.

After the race.

  • Collect race numbers. Make sure everyone has return to marshalling zone.