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Six months Cycling Australia race license will be available from the 1st of July.  Of course all are at discounted rate.  See here for details.  These are great if you’re new to cycling or coming back to cycling after a break and you want to do the clubs 30km handicap races on Saturdays and criteriums in the spring.


Dipping a toe in water

If you ever wanted to try racing, why not think about getting a 3 Race Licence.  It's a great way to try racing without the full cost of getting a race licence.  Each 3 Race Licence cost $55, is valid for 3 months from the first event you enter, and can be use to enter any non-state open event, ie club, interclub racing.  And then if wish to purchase a full 2011 race licence $55 will be discount from total price.   If you're interested, please contact club Membership Officer Callum Dwyer at callumdwyer@yahoo.com.au

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