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Lisa Barry... Canberrrrrra

AWCC member Lisa Barry shares her experience of racing the latest stage of NRS, Canberra Women's Tour.

Just thought I would let you all know I travelled with the Bicycle Superstore/Torq Womens Road Team to Canberra over the weekend. The Tour was based out of the Stromlo Cycling Centre. It was a tour of mixed results for me. I was happy to kick the tour off with the 16km undulating ITT where I placed mid field (a huge improvement from previously). The second stage was a 2 lap/79km RR. Unfortunately I was spooked when my bike skipped over a rock on a reasonably technical descent and I chased back onto the peloton just in time for them to kick for the second QOM. I was unable to bridge that gap to the front group and remained with a group of seven and the second bunch on the road until the finish. The third stage was a 40 km RR. I was looking forward to this as it was in the reverse direction of the previous days stage and therefore a far less technical descent. Unfortunately 20 km in I hit the only pothole that could be found over the whole weekend which knocked my back wheel causing it to rub. Perhaps a combination of some heavy legs and this mechanical meant I lost contact with the group and over the next 10km grovelled and was finally able to rejoin a small group to the finish. The tour concluded with a crit on the Stromlo circuit. I am very happy to say I was able to finish with the bunch in what was a very fast race. My Garmin tells me we averaged 41 km! Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to log onto the results today and find out I finished 23rd overall in what was not my best tour to date. It was a major learning experience for me and I now understand there is far more to racing than climbing hills!

Cheers Lisa


Lisa's Battle on the Border

After her top ten finish in the Mersey Valley Tour last month, AWCC member Lisa Barry took on the next race in the National Road Series, Battle on the Border. Here's what happened in her own words:

Hi All,  

I have been receiving quite a few notes of support and wishes for good luck from AWCC in my endeavours with the Torq/Bicycle Superstore Women’s Road team.  I thought I would update you all just in case you were interested.  

The family and I travelled up to the gold Coast on the weekend just gone and I completed the 4 stage tour Battle on the Border – the second tour in the women’s National Road Series.  It consisted of a ITT and road race on Saturday, a road race on Sunday and a crit Monday.  

Finished in 23rd overall – can’t tell you how happy I am considering it was not my ideal tour (not enough hills!). I guess the most exciting thing (and probably my biggest achievement so far in cycling) was coming second in the Queen of the Mountain competition to legend Ruth Corsett*. I got to wear the polka dot jersey on the 3rd and fourth stages as I was equal first but she got me in the second last stage with a really smart attack at the top of the hill. I learnt a lot and I'm already looking forward to heading to the third race of the series in Tamworth in June.  

See you all at a club race soon I hope – need to learn a lot about cornering, TT’s, crits and racing smarts!   Lisa  

*Ruth Corsett was 2010 national road champion.