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Notification Of Annual General Meeting


Merger Update

The two committees have continued to work behind the scenes on the various administrative matters that need to be addressed to finalise the club merger.  Below is an update on this work and what the next steps will involve;

  • Unfortunately Consumer Affairs Victoria didn't give us the name Cycling Albury Wodonga because it was to close to Albury Wodonga Cycling Club. Instead, we've been given our second choice of Albury Wodonga Panthers Cycling Club.
  • An acting committee has be establish which will serve until our first AGM later in the year. Preliminary committee consist of Geoff Damm as president, Andrew Kaye as Secretary and Callum Dwyer and Chris Little as general committee members, we are also looking for someone to fill the treasurers role in this transition phase.
  • Given their strong support in the past, the new club bank accounts is being set up Hume Bank.
  • When renewing your membership for 2015 through the Cycling Australia website, it will be automatic with the new club. No transfer form is require.  Also, if you happen to renew your license before the merger is finalised CA will transfer your membership automatically.
  • Work has begun on the logo/branding for the new club and we hope to have some drafts out for comment in the coming months.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact the current committee to discuss, thanks.


Merger Update

We wanted to give you an update on how the merger with LPCC is progressing. So far there’s been a lot of background work preparing the legal, corporate and financial structure for the new merged entity. 

We've had 3 meetings over the last couple of months involving committee members from both clubs, as well as the magnificent Tim Huggins providing legal counsel. The latest meeting was held on the 14th of March, with Tom Barry, Damien Sims, Andrew Kaye, Callum Dwyer and Chris Little present.

The minutes are available on request if people are interested in reading them.

The next meeting is scheduled for the 9th of April and shortly following that meeting we will announce dates of AGM's and special meetings necessary to consult and vote on the merger.

Finally - we are still gathering suggestions for a new club name and welcome any input into that.

If you have any feedback or require further information, don't hesitate to contact us.