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Border Cycling Premiership - Race 2

Saturday saw another great day of racing with 2nd limit riders Terry Halpin, Robb Belsher and Callum Dwyer riding through a broken limit group to take win. A chasing scratch group coming in just 8 seconds behind with Paul Ingwersen taking fastest time. Special mention for Clancy Lloyd who hang on to take 4th place. Terry Halpin and Callum Dwyer have got the early jump in the points table. But with another 11 races to come it's only early days.

Border Cycling Premiership - Race 2 31km Handicap

1st Terry Halpin (5:30)
2nd Robb Belsher (5:30)

3rd Callum Dwyer (5:30)

4th Clancy Lloyd (Limit)
5th Paul Ingwersen (Scratch)
6th Aaron Last (Scratch)

7th Brendan Washington (Scratch)

8th Wayne Cox (Limit)

9th Jamie Ruddy (2:00)
10th Zach Drury (2:00)

Fastest Time Paul Ingwersen 0:45:35

Current Points Table

22 Terry Halpin

19 Callum Dwyer

11 Liam McAlister

10 Murray Wallace, Rob Belcher

8 Aaron Last,  Neil Quast,  Clancy Lloyd

7 Brendan Washington,  Justin King,  Paul Ingwersen,  Tim Allen

5 Jamie Ruddy

4 Ryan Allen,  Wayne Cox

3 Jason Dudenas,  Tom Barry

2 Craig McAlister,  Zachary Drury

1 Rohan Christmas,  Stephen Damm,  Charlie McMillan,  Gavin McMillan



Club Racing - Border Cycling Premiership

Club racing now returns to Saturdays afternoons for the rest of 2012. This weekend race is a 31km handicap with limit rolling out at 2:30pm. Weather is looking awesome and with no other major races this weekend, numbers will be great. Points for the Border Cycling Premiership are also are up for grabs. The current top 10:

Liam McAlister 11
Terry Halpin 10
Callum Dwyer 9
Murray Wallace 8
Justin King 7
Neil Quast 6
Tim Allen 5
Ryan Allen 4
Tom Barry 3
Craig McAlister 2

2012 Road Racing Calender

The 2012 Road Racing calender has been added to the racing page and can be viewed by clicking here. The Cycling Victoria Code of Conduct has also been added to the racing page, contrariwise it can be viewed by clicking here.



Fire up bike fans! The 2012 Border Racing Season gets under way with criterium racing at the Wodonga go-kart circuit. Even if you are not up for racing, come on down to watch all the racing action. See who has and hasn't been putting in the K's over the summer.

Format: Graded criteriums, A B & C grades
When: February 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd. Rego from 5:40pm, racing from 6pm
Where: Wodonga go-kart circuit.
Entry: $5, (coins, $5 or $10 notes only please)

Please note:

  • Remember to bring along your 2012 licence or receipt.
  • The races on the 16th will be the 2012 Criterium Championships.
  • Three races permits available for newbies, $55 dollars.

Crits Week 3.

Last night crits results. Some great racing was had with B grade being a particularly entertaining race.

B grade
1st Brian Harris
2nd Jeff Drury
3rd Rob Belcher

C grade
1st Neil Quast
2nd Tom Weatherall
3rd Jodie Uphill

A grade was abandon due to a minor crash just before the finish.
Thanks to everyone who came out to race. The next criterium is Thursday 24th November 6pm sharp at Wodonga Go-Kart Circuit. See you all there!