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Club Champs in Review

Phew, what a day! Kelly Linden came down from Mt Beauty to power home in the bunch sprint to take her first AWCC club championship in C grade. In B grade, Bob Bright and Callum Dwyer’s late attack didn’t come off. Damien Christian taking win in another bunch sprint. While in the main race of the day – A grade – Brendan Washington broke away early and was later join by Paul Ingwersen. Both stay away with Ingwersen taking the win. Aaron Last won bunch kick for third place. Full results below. Thanks to everyone who came out to race. Thanks to Rob Belsher, Adam Farrugia, Anna Fogarty and Lyn Sheahan for marshalling. Next weekend is the world famous Dirt Berg. Starting at 2:30pm next Saturday at the Bethanga Pub. Don't miss it.

A grade Time 1:19:10

1. Paul Ingwersen 2. Brendan Washington 3. Aaron Last 4. Jamie Ruddy 5. Jacob Hanna 6. Rowan Christmas 7. Hugh Satchell  Dave Schlig DNF Geoff Schlig. DNF

B Grade Time 1:26:02

1. Damien Christian 2. Mick Washington 3. Ken Payne 4. Terry Halpin 5. Bob Bright 6. Murray Wallace 7. Callum Dwyer 8. Charlie McMillan 9. Luke Hansen 10. Shane Way 11. Craig McMillan

C grade Time. 1:28.35

1. Kelly Linden 2. Roger Derrick 3. Peter Collier 4. Jess Laws 5. Chris Little



Border Cycling Premiership.

Updated Border Cycling Premiership points table below. The big movers are after Saturday's race are Rob Belsher and Paul Ingwersen who move up to third and forth respectively.

22 Terry Halpin
19 Callum Dwyer
18 Rob Belcher
17 Paul Ingwersen
11 Craig McMillian, Liam McAlister, Neil Quast
10 Murray Wallace, Andrew Kaye
9 Damian Christian
8 Aaron Last, Clancy Lloyd
7 Brendan Washington, Justin King, Tim Allen
6 Roger Derrick, Stephen Damm
5 Jamie Ruddy, Jeff Drury
4 Ryan Allen, Wayne Cox, Tom Staats
3 Jason Dudenas, Tom Barry, Adam Furrugia, David Schlig
2 Craig McAlister, Zachary Drury, Geoff Schlig
1 Rohan Christmas, Charlie McMillan, Gavin McMillan, Sophia Drury


Border Cycling Premiership Race #3.

Even with a few away racing it was still another great day of club racing for Saturday’s 31km handicap. It was a close one too. The middle and front bunches got together with 9km to go and this gave scratch a tough task to get up. But scratch drove it home making the catch in the final km.

1st Craig McMillan
2nd Andrew Kaye
3rd Damien Christian
4th Paul Ingwersen
5th Rob Belsher
6th Rofer Derick
7th Stephen Damm
8th Tom Staats
9th David Schilg
10th Geoff Schilg

Fastest time
Paul Ingwersen.

Don’t forget it’s the Albury Wodonga club championships this coming Saturday. Come along and race even if you're not a member of club. Numbers are always good for the club champs so it makes for great racing.


Club Racing Kicks into Full Gear

Saturday club race the best yet this year. You miss out if you weren't there. Fantastic turnout of 27 raced in ideal conditions. We also had 3 new faces race for first time today, which is great to see. Thanks to everyone that came out today to race. If we keep getting 30 odd to club races, the future looks bright for cycling in Albury Wodonga.

31km scratches, Plunketts Road, Wodonga.

A Grade:
1st Dave Mann
2nd Zach Drury
3rd Hugh Satchell

4th Aaron Last 5th Ryan Alllen 6th Steve Kilpatrick 7th Jason Dudenas 8th Jamie Ruddy

B Grade:
1st Adam Farrugia
2nd Rob Belsher
3rd Wayne Cox      

4th Callum Dwyer 5th Andrew Kaye 6th Declan Dempster 7th Clancy Lloyd 8th Terry Halpin 9th Geoff Damm 10th Charly McMillian 11th Neil Quast

C Grade
1st Jess Laws

2nd Roger Derrick
3rd Mick Coles   

4th Peter Vesel 5th Marcus Gett 6th Tim Allen 7th Sophia Drury 8th Jeff Drury


Updated Road Racing Calender

The Road racing calender for 2012 has been updated and is viewable on either the racing page, or by clicking here. Be sure to check it for any amendments made to the schedule.