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Want to buy club kit?

The Albury Wodonga Panthers Champion System portal is now open.

This link will take you to log-in. Use your existing account, or set up a new one. You order your own gear & pay - kit is made once the portal closes (in a few weeks time)


It's time to race

Dates for Albury Wodonga Panthers Cycling Club criterium racing series, at Albertson Rd, Barnawartha North (in Logic Centre):
Wednesday 12 October
Wednesday 26 October
Wednesday 9 November
Wednesday 23 November
Wednesday 7 December (to be confirmed)

With huge thanks to Motorsports Training Australia for being so generous. Since they let us use their wonderful facility for free, let's do everything possible to look after the place and show what it means to be grateful.

This week, 12 October, is the very first time we will use this track for racing. So we can expect to learn about the best way to run things. Please be patient with each other.

Here's the plan:
Gates open after 5:30pm
Juniors (free racing): from 6:00pm
Seniors ($5 per person): racing from 6:00pm
Grades: in week one we'd love to have C grade, B grade, A grade & a women's specific grade. But this depends upon actual numbers.

If you know you are coming, please help by letting us know before (club email awpcclub@gmail.com)

What you need:

  • Licence
  • Rear red light
  • Club standards
    The centre is non-alcohol. We need to clean up well (no garbage, no mess in toilets). And don't forget the Cycling Australia Code of Conduct.
  • Willingness to help (compulsory). Friends & spectators (optional)

Also, club kit:
We're working to the Champion System portal open again to buy club kit. This will stay open for a few weeks - but will be closed to allow delivery pre-Christmas. We'll let you know whet it's ready. If you don't yet have an account, set up up here.

If you want club socks, send a message to Chris Little (0407 410 894), as we bought a boxful previously.


New club kit

Your opinions needed
We are moving closer to having club kit finalised. There has been a lot of behind the scenes work but now we get into the more exciting part of the job. Designs! We have three draft designs for you to look at. Please give us your thoughts (preferences, observations, tips, etc).

The three options are listed vertically - jersey front, jersey rear, shorts. To make it easier to comment, I have labelled the three drafts A, B, C. To give an idea of what variations we can look at, underneath these three is design B with green sleeves.

You can email us with your ideas. Or comment on our Facebook page when we put the draft images up soon.


Option B with green sleeves

Option AOption BOption C



Some general news for you all:

We now have a Facebook page for the Wagga to Albury. http://www.facebook.com/waggatoalbury

If a member would like to have an issue discussed at a committee meeting, they are encouraged  to put it into writing to the Secretary so that it can be placed on the agenda. If required, the member may be invited to speak at the next committee meeting regarding the issue. Of course any member is always welcome to have a chat with a committee if they have any ideas or issues that may require addressing. 
Anybody who would like to see the minutes of a Committee meeting should contact the club secretary who will provide them with a copy.
Club members and riders are reminded that they must race in their registered club uniform, or be registered the clothing they are wearing at open events, or else they risk being fined. You may not recieve any notification on the day, only a fine that may arrive in the mail some weeks later. Once fined, members are not allowed to participate in any Cycling Australia sanctioned event until such time as the fine is paid.

Club Kit Clearance Sale

The club is over stocked with club kit, so we’re taking 30% off all our floor stock at the The Full Cycle. Items available include knicks (men’s & women’s), jerseys, vests, winter jackets, club polo shirts. So pop down and grab yourself a bargain!